Hi everyone,

Rather than sending out a big long text with to much information here you can find all the information you need to help you through the current lockdown.


Below you will see all the different aspects we have available for you to use FREE of charge which include:

  1. Access to our workout plans/videos. food tracking app MY PT HUB
  2. Access to all our home workout videos on our YouTube Channel
  3. Access to once a week evening Zoom Class
  4. How to schedule your phone consultation with a instructor
  5. Weekly weight in options
  6. Meal Plan / Recipes
  7. Last but not least a link to the SK FITNESS VIRTUAL CHALLENGE that I really hope you will all really love to keep you active and motivated through these challenging times. (Starts Wednesday 6th January)

So all in all there should be something for everyone, you might be only interested in certain elements in what we have to offer and that is absolutely fine. If you have any recommendations. Below you will find info on all the different elements I have discussed above.


Enjoy 🙂



The SK Fitness Online Fitness APP


The SK Fitness APP is through the app host MY PT HUB. You can download the MY PT HUB APP in your App Store once you have completed registration through this link:
Once you have registered you will be prompted to download the app, if you don’t get this message simply go to App Store and download MY PT HUB App and sign in with the same details you registered with.
Below is a link to a video on YouTube that will guide you through how to use the app. The app has a lot of great features but I find it best to keep things simple so I have gone through the basics and most important elements you need to know how to do. If you have any questions whatsoever please do get in touch.


Please allow 24 hrs from registering to be assigned workouts. Workouts  will be assigned based on your ability and based on the questionnaire you completed when signing up to app. When you watch the explainer video things will make more sense. If you find your assigned workouts are too easy or hard please do let me know and I will try to accommodate as best I can.

Every week you will get two new Home Workouts so you’re not getting bored. Once you have been assigned the workouts the will be available for you to do them in your own time.



Pre Recorded Home Workouts on YouTube

From the last lockdown we uploaded a number of workouts to our YouTube channel which can be found in the link below. Every week we will be uploading two new home workouts sometimes three. You simply click on the workout and away you go, you can play YouTube workouts on your phone, laptop or tv what ever you want.

I will say we are not experts in production making and are using phone to record no high tech equipment so I do apologise if you find the picture or sound is not great we are doing or best.




Live Zoom Class

Sonya will be taking one zoom class a week, this class will be starting the week of the 11th. I will update you when I have finalised.


Phone Consultations 

We will be in contact with anyone who ticked the YES to consultation through the online questionnaire sent to all clients. If you did not complete the questionnaire or have not heard from us by Friday the 8th of January please make contact with us by text on 0870926613




Food Diaries/ Weight In/ Meal Plans/ Recipes


We will be in contact with anyone who ticked the YES through the online questionnaire to keeping a food diary. If you would like a food plan sent to you but do not want a phone consultation or food diary please contact us to let us know. If you have never received a recipe book from us by email please contact us to let us know and we can send again.

If you did not complete the questionnaire or have not heard from us by Friday the 8th of January please make contact with us by text on 0870926613






I really hope lots of you will get involved in this event as I really do think it will give you structure and purpose in a routine. The challenge starts Wednesday 6th of January please register before for the event. I have set up a separate page outlining everything to do with the challenge click the link and you will find all the info you need.

Also with this I am looking at potentially organising T-Shirts for this event but because everywhere is just re opening after NY I haven’t got full info on this yet. So you can sign up to the challenge and purchase T-Shirt at a later date if you wish. The great thing about this is you DO NOT have to buy a T-Shirt if you do not wish too.

This event is a Non Profit event for SK Fitness any fee paid will be for the use of the tracking app €6:00 and the cost price of the T-Shirt. 






Email: info@skfitness.ie

Phone: 0870926613