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Beth Lost Over 42 inches & 50lbs

Beth Cocco Wexford Personal Training
Beth Lost Over 42 inches & 50lbs

“I had come to a point where I was overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. I had tried a personal trainer a year before in a gym and I hated it. The training took too long and it wasn’t motivating or enjoyable. I ended the sessions after about a month.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect after my first experience. I was a bit hesitant but needed a change. My working with Sharon changed everything. She was amazing and really took interest in me and pushed me to meet and exceed my potential.

I could relax and still know I was going to get an excellent training session, we grew to know what to expect from each other and I was very comfortable with Sharon. I knew I could ask questions and they would be answered.

I was optimistic but not sure at all, the beginning was a bit scary but straight away Sharon made me feel comfortable and wouldn’t let me get away with anything! Sharon knew my potential before I knew it and she was there for me 110% along the way.
I was nervous and unsure because I had worked different program before (trainer at a big gym and Weight Watchers) and my results weren’t even close to where I am now.
I feel much better about myself, I am more able to run around and play with my children. Strangers stop me in shops to compliment me on my transformation and it’s a great feeling. I would not have come this far without the hard work and dedication of Sharon.
Without a doubt, YES! Sharon has been instrumental in my success and I am 100% sure that I could have not done it without her. She is motivating, educated and caring.

Just a huge thank you for all of your support during the beginning of my transformation. I really count Sharon as one of the main reasons I have done so well.” – Beth Cocco


Garry Lost 8% Body Fat and over 4 Stone

Garry Wexford Personal Training
Garry Lost 8% Body Fat and over 4 Stone


“My Main goal was to shed unwanted pounds and to increase my strength and fitness level. I really enjoyed the training and noticed my strength building and began to fell increased energy.

I really wanted to focus on getting fit and doing it properly to ensure I actually achieved the results I wanted. I felt that by going the personal trainer route, I would learn better exercise techniques and be more motivated.


Before starting my training with Sharon I hadn’t too much knowledge about using a personal trainer, but once I got into the programme, I found it to be an excellent approach to getting fit and making it more a lifestyle change that can be maintained.

Definitely worth pursuing – the personal approach really helps you focus and motivates you to give your best.

Sharon always pushed me to achieve the results she knew I had the potential to achieve. Sharon is an excellent trainer and created a friendly, non judging environment and made the training enjoyable.

I was surprised at how quickly I started to see results so that was a great motivator. The fact that intense strength/resistance training for just 20-30 minutes 3 or 4 times per week (in conjunction with a healthy diet) actually works, was a great surprise!

I was a bit apprehensive / nervous at the thought of joining initially, but I was immediately made to feel comfortable. Sharon was very easy to talk to and made me feel 100% at ease.

The results were excellent – I lost 4 and a half stone in a few short months, I feel a lot   fitter and noticed my energy levels have risen also. I have better overall strength and I now know exactly what I need to be doing to maintain this level of fitness, as a result of having a personal trainer.

Sharon is clearly very knowledge about training programmes and techniques. She has a professional, yet friendly approach and always puts you at ease. She will push you for the results she knows you’re capable of achieving. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sharon to anyone looking for a excellent personal trainer”. Garry


Michael Lost 4 Stone in 3 Months

Michael Wexford Personal Training
Michael Lost 4 Stone in 3 Months

“I needed to lose quiet a large amount of weight. And I needed guidance and direction in order to achieve this. Initially, I was very self conscious and nervous walking in, not knowing what to expect. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to succeed and do what a personal trainer demands.

My perception was completely incorrect and inaccurate. I was allowed go at a pace which I was comfortable with, while at the same time getting positive results week to week. Sharon’s ability to drive me during our sessions really helped. Her knowledge of nutrition has enabled me to improve my health. Sharon’s ability to make me become motivated outside of our training sessions, so I could learn to train alone without help. The weekly targets she gave made this work effectively.

It exceeded expectations. I lost four stone in three months. The tutoring and advice helped me to work out on my own and at my own initiative. I lost another 10 pounds over the course of the next few months after program.

I had plenty of hesitations starting. I was in a different place, mentally. I was overweight all of my life, and I had no confidence. It has dramatically changed. I am very health orientated. I monitor what I eat and train regularly. I am a much more social and confident person. I am also a much happier person.

Definitely recommend. Sharon provided excellent training techniques and the food plans I have received from her have also worked brilliantly. Her interpersonal skills are second to none and I would recommend Sharon very highly as a personal trainer.” – Michael Burke


“I was in the best shape of my life for my wedding…”

“I wanted to get fit for my wedding. Sharon was warm, welcoming, encouraging but most importantly strict. She listened to what I wanted to get from the experience and tailored a programme to suit my needs. I enjoyed the workouts straight away but found the food side tougher as I love to eat out.

Sharon kept me on the straight and narrow and encouraged me to ration the eating out etc. Looking back I was in the best shape of my life for my wedding, all thanks to Sharon ! I would encourage everyone to give it a go and see the results for yourself. I still enjoy eating out but I limit it to once or twice a week and exercise is just part of my life now. My clothes fit better but more importantly I feel great!” – Jenny


“What I achieved was over 2 stone weight loss, better appreciation of what food works for me, the importance of reducing stress through exercise…”

“I had tried to lose weight and get fit on my own but always found a reason to opt out and quickly reverted to old habits. The idea of a personal trainer was to leave the “thinking” to them and I would just follow the advices given. I needed someone to advise me on both diet and fitness specific to my own situation to ensure best use of my time and commitment to getting in shape. I thought it might be a very intense relationship!

I was impressed that the advice on food and eating habits was very practical and was tailored to suit my lifestyle and my own body. The focus was not fully on me as there were a number of us training together. I was happy with that as it left some space for me to get on with my work-out without being too self-conscious

  1. What I liked most about working with Sharon
  • Good listener with very specific and directed feedback
  • Good interest in general well-being of clients
  • Understanding of how the health and fitness fits into someone’s life for long term impact
  • Great positive motivator even when things were not going so well. It was “lets get you in for a consultation and see what’s going wrong” rather than “you are not sticking to the diet sheets!”
  • Sunny personality which gave me a boost on those early morning sessions!

I had an open mind initially to what kind of results I could get. My goal was to value my own health more and have more energy to deal with my busy life. What I achieved was over 2 stone weight loss, better appreciation of what food works for me, the importance of reducing stress through exercise, the need to rest when required and to enjoy life and be happy.

Once I had decided to start I was focused. I did wonder what gear I should wear eg runners etc!

My life has changed from having a personal trainer;

  • Better understanding of my own body
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Reduced stress and better ability to manage my time

I would recommend a personal trainer for anyone wishing to take control of their life

I would specifically recommend Sharon as I have tried some of the other trainers also I did not get the same results or feel I was being listened to as well by others. She have a great capacity to understand the client, she spends time getting to know their needs and has a great capacity to listen, to make people feel important, and help them achieve even when they don’t have a specific goal. I never felt rushed, and she always gave time and expertise willingly.

I really valued Sharon’s work ethic, commitment, motivation, advice, willingness to listen and her time. Sharon has a great rapport with people of all ages and genders. Often clients come to change their lifestyle because of many serious issues in their own personal lives or maybe just wanting to enhance the quality of their lives. I certainly felt that she had great empathy and that she had an interest in people generally. This was very important to me. Sharon’s work is much more than just a job and that comes across hugely.” – Mary


 “It has given me a new lease of life in many ways…” 

“I didn’t  really have any perceived notions except perhaps that as a PT being a good motivator

 I now see a PT as someone I can measure – do they know nutrition or are they just following a programme and selling it; are they really well qualified in physical training? Can they leave personality at the door?

Sharon is a very dedicated trainer and she listens to people – if they are not up to something, it’s changed etc, she works hard at getting clients to commit.

Did I expect the results I got? Simply, not really but I believed I could do it. I have trouble with matching the particular diet with my very busy work and home schedule but after 2 years I am beginning to manage that better

I was 47, out of shape, very stressed at work and a bit embarrassed about it all. I thought personal training was a bit of a gimmick at the start but I now recognize it as a short enough term programme that gets one into shape and it can be a long term lifestyle

I am very conscious of how I work out now; I am more confident and careful about what I eat and I train 3 to 5 times a week. It has given me a new lease of life in many ways. I would now have no hesitation is sitting down to work out a programme or tweak one with a PT

Sharon is very knowledgeable and fit herself. She is genuine about helping people get fit and improve themselves. I would say she is very focused and very positive influence on clients in terms of them working on their fitness and health.

Best of luck with all that you do.” – PS – Pensions Manager


“The quality of the service cannot be questioned and it truly is value-for-money.”

“I trained with Sharon in July 2012 in an attempt to return to an acceptable level of fitness and to try and lose excess body fat that was present around my midriff.

I was first led through the process and then set on my diet and training plan. I found Sharon to be very helpful and very knowledgeable.

Sharon was my trainer, and she provided me with an unbelievable amount of encouragement and assistance as I went through my training. She helped me unbelievably in achieving the goals I set myself in the beginning and pushed me so that I exceeded them.

She provided me with a substantial base from which to step forward in my training outside of the gym studio, so much so, that I know I wouldn’t be where I am without her assistance.

If your time is constrained, and you harbour ambitions of returning to a healthy life and a good level of fitness, I would strongly recommend that you consult the professionals. The knowledge, work ethic and enthusiasm is second to none. The quality of the service cannot be questioned and it truly is value-for-money.” – Shane


“She is brilliant at what she does, she has great people skills and she keeps you motivated to get results.”

“I was getting married and I needed to get in shape and have the focus to do so. I was worried it wouldn’t work for me or that I would get bored of the routine and not get any results

None of my concerns materialized.  The results were evident from week one and the routine and intensity of the training changed every session so I didn’t get tired of repetitive exercises.  20-30 minutes was all that was required so it was over before I knew it!

Sharon is a brilliant trainer.  I trusted her and the plan she devised for me.  She motivated me when I was training to ensure I worked hard and got the most out of my session.  I achieved my target weight and I felt confident and happy with the shape I was in for my wedding day (my wedding dress had to be taken in all the way down to my knees)!  Sharon got to know me while I was being trained and she took great interest in my progress – I could also see that she was interested in all her other clients – which is a sign of a great trainer. 

I never expected to become so toned and slim with the sort of training. I was worried about getting bulky from use of heavy weight machines but this did not happen. I know now how effective this type of training can be and the results that can be achieved

I would recommend Sharon as a personal trainer.  She is brilliant at what she does, she has great people skills and she keeps you motivated to get results.

I want to wish Sharon every success in her career as a personal trainer.” – Sheena


“My time spent in the gym was halved but my productivity and results doubled.”

“My main reason was that I needed to be motivated more. I felt I was in a bit of a rut. I would go to the gym but was not following a program, in short I was putting in the time with no results.

To be honest, I thought it was a bit girly, and it was my wife who asked me to go and see for myself what it was like. I thought I knew everything about training as I had the internet, what more could a personal trainer do for me?

It has changed 100%. Sharon was my first personal trainer and she didn’t hold back. First she took pictures of me and showed them to me. She told me those “Love Handles” would have to go – I was devastated, as I never knew I had love handles. Then we went to the weights and she targeted very specific muscle groups that I never knew I had. She pushed me and encouraged me. My time spent in the gym was halved but my productivity and results doubled.

She said it as it was, didn’t hold back, knew what I was able for and got me to where I wanted to go. Very friendly and even though the training was hard, it was fun. I thought I was fine. Now I look back and see that I wasn’t. I have a different attitude now to food, training and life in general.

I was always doing something, but as I said above I really thought this would be a bit girly and easy – needless to say I was proved wrong, and will have to stop using the term girly as some of the “girls” are a lot tougher than me!

I have a better outlook on life in general. I look forward to my training and can discuss my training goals with someone who helps me achieve them. It is a very lonely journey on your own, having someone to listen to your ambitions and not laugh at them is a huge first step.

Sharon really know her stuff, and pushes both beginners and more advanced people to their limits in a friendly encouraging manner.

I don’t want to give you a big head by saying any more than thank you!” – Vince

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